World Humanitarian Day 2012


Hey everyone, it’s Kristen! Well as you know, it is World Humanitarian Day. Today is the day where YOU can do something nice, spectacular or even life changing for friends, family and even your community. So far, I have seen so many people around my town and other places doing something for someone else. I have also done some things today for people as well. Yesterday, I lost my best friend to a house fire, her family as well as I, are truly devastated. Never thought losing a friend you have had since you were little was so hard. They lost everything in the fire. So my mom and I offered them to move in with us. Currently, my friend’s parents and siblings live here at my house. Another thing that I did today was giving over $500 dollars of my own work money to trustful charities. 

What have you done today for your friends, family or community? Let us know!



About x0kristen0x

I am Kristen. I am 16 years old. A junior in High school. My biggest interest is Anderson Cooper!

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