Editor’s Note

BOSTON, Mass — With over 2 weeks of our initial launch of a fan site, we were creating controversies ranging the spectrum from positive to negative reviews. And that is why I feel obligated to address what we do and who we are.

To begin with, we are a fan site and as all other fan site of TV personalities, we center around a specific faction. We are most definitely interested in Anderson Cooper‘s TV shows/news cast but also his charming demeanor. And that’s probably why 90% of all fan clubs are created; the person is cute and quintessential.

In our case, while we are a tad obsessed with Anderson Cooper, we try to maintain a professional standpoint and not write about his dreamy blue eyes or his iconic silver hair, or even his adorable giggle. Do we constantly write about those stuff? Rarely, unless it was one of the editorials our authors wrote about it.

However, if you are only here for an affinity of Anderson Cooper and not much for his TV show, Anderson, or his newscast show, AC360, this site might not offer much accommodations for ya. With that said, we are always looking for opinions and will always accept new ideas for the site to be an unparalleled fan site for AC360 fans, Anderson show fans, and of course… the one and only Anderson Cooper.

On an another note, Anderson Cooper has outlined the difference between a fan, a regular viewer, and of course… a stalker. On his blog, he has provided a few questionnaires to distinguish these difference. Take a minute to read each one.

1. If you’ve been contacted by authorities and asked not to attempt to contact me further… but you still do, there’s a good chance you’ve crossed the line. 

This is probably a first indicator you are a stalker….

2. If you’ve attempted to gain entry to my apartment under false pretenses, and can’t imagine why that might be inappropriate, that’s another red flag. 

A second indicator you are a stalker… Please refer to this story about AC’s stalker trying to move in his home.

3. If you believe I am secretly communicating to you online, or with the clothes I wear, or by telepathy through your radiator, that’s a problem as well.

Actually, I tried that in my dreams but to no avail, he still hasn’t responded to my 500 telepathic messages.

4. If you have read the last three items and laughed, or said, “wow, that’s weird” you are not a stalker. 

No comment…

5. If you have read items 1-3 and notice they apply to you, but then tell yourself they actually don’t apply to you. Well, that’s not good. 

Well, with that being said, if you guys have anything you want to publish on the site, send us an email via Contact Us. We’ll fully credit you with the post and if it’s good, we’ll publish it. 😀

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