It’s a new day… It’s a new life… And I’m Feeling Good


Summer is rapidly drawing to a close, and it’s been a quick month in the grand scheme in the news business. With Hurricane Isaac, shootings, social issues, scandals, political conventions, and the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit all in our minds. This is just at the top of my head.

Over this summer, many events has happened and as a new season is about to come, I would like to reflect on those sentiments and our new changes to come on this site. As previously stated in some of the posts published, the AC fan site authors are all teenagers. We try to dedicate a few minutes each day to write on this site. We have captured at least a view from each continent (we have views from each continent except Antarctica) and will broaden our site.

We also have had false hope that Anderson Cooper was reading our site — That is to be determined once we figure out who it belongs to, but we got a few views from NY almost once a day. Our team is always excited, but we still haven’t heard a legitimate response from Anderson Cooper himself.

We are getting more views every day and that is something we love. For most of our volunteer staffs, we are all currently in highschool from different parts in the nation. We talk to each other over Twitter and we should expect a few downsides with that. One of them is time. We all enjoy writing, but of course… School comes first. There might be a few times where we can’t be reporting the shows, but we’ll try our best.

Another thing we are psyched about is Anderson Live Season 2 premiering on Monday, September 10th of 2012. You should definitely check out the website. The layout is stunning and the content is fabulous. They have a backstage blog and some galleries of the show. Really awesome features.

We are looking forward to the new show and what is to happen next over the Labor Day weekend and throughout the entire month of September. While our own Backstage is locked only for Staff personnel, please check our other blogs… Some are NSFW.


About L.J Winter

Amateur blogger, US History aficionado, and a High School student. Intentions to join law... Maybe Army JAG.

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