Camerawoman Harrased At RNC

CNN Camerawoman On Harassment At RNC: ‘I hate that it happened, but I’m not surprised at all.’

Patricia Carroll, the CNN camerawoman at the center of a controversy at the RNC is speaking out. On Tuesday, Carroll was on the job in the Tampa Bay Times Forum when two attendees threw nuts at her and said, “This is how we feed animals.”

Carroll spoke to Richard Prince at the Maynard Institute.

Carroll, who agreed to be named for the first time, said she does not want her situation to be used for political advantage. “This situation could happen to me at the Democratic convention or standing on the street corner. Racism is a global issue,” she said by telephone from Tampa.

She said that she had no reason to believe that the perpetrators knew she was a CNN employee, so their actions were likely based on race alone. They were apparently alternate delegates.

She said she wanted to thank CNN, which “has been behind me 100 percent.” Although she was stationed on the floor next to Fox News, the perpetrators “ didn’t know what I was doing. I happened to be standing there,” near one of the delegations.

Carroll told the site Witches Brew, “We haven’t come that far. Black people have been in bondage longer than they have been free. Stuff like this will continue to be a part of the black experience.”

(Story from CNN and TVNewser)

I find this unacceptable, and believe these people should suffer a consequence. I also am very proud of Patricia, for being so calm about this. I look up to people like you, thank you.


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