My Busy Schedule!

Hey everyone! As you know, I probably haven’t been on here making posts that often, but that’s because I just started school September 6th. I have had a lot of homework and I have been staying after school a lot and I haven’t been getting home till about 6:00. So what’s going on in my life you ask? Well I have had school to deal with. I have also joined a new club called SADD: Students Against Destructive Decisions. 

I haven’t been able to watch Anderson Live though for the fact that I am in school at 12:00 😦 so I will have to see when I can watch it!. Oh yeah, tomorrow I am getting the iPhone 4S 😀 I am so excited you guys have no idea! I have worked for 2 years for it and I ma finally getting it for my upgrade. That’s good that I am getting it tomorrow because Saturday I am going to New York! I am going to go see the Freedom Towers, Time Square and many more places. I can’t wait I am so excited! 

Well hope everyone is having a good evening! I’ll try to post as much as I can!



About x0kristen0x

I am Kristen. I am 16 years old. A junior in High school. My biggest interest is Anderson Cooper!

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