Lazy Fall Days

Sorry that we haven’t been posting too much, not much Anderson Cooper news to tell! But we will have some new posts soon!


We will be back soon

Due to time schedules and timing, we will not be posting for this week. We are also planning to transition the blog to a newer platform


-LJ Winter

My Busy Schedule!

Hey everyone! As you know, I probably haven’t been on here making posts that often, but that’s because I just started school September 6th. I have had a lot of homework and I have been staying after school a lot and I haven’t been getting home till about 6:00. So what’s going on in my life you ask? Well I have had school to deal with. I have also joined a new club called SADD: Students Against Destructive Decisions. 

I haven’t been able to watch Anderson Live though for the fact that I am in school at 12:00 😦 so I will have to see when I can watch it!. Oh yeah, tomorrow I am getting the iPhone 4S 😀 I am so excited you guys have no idea! I have worked for 2 years for it and I ma finally getting it for my upgrade. That’s good that I am getting it tomorrow because Saturday I am going to New York! I am going to go see the Freedom Towers, Time Square and many more places. I can’t wait I am so excited! 

Well hope everyone is having a good evening! I’ll try to post as much as I can!


Anderson Cooper Is A Great Man

I just heard about this on instagram and it just reinforced why Anderson Cooper is my role model.

Anderson Cooper saved a human life.

In Haiti, during a shooting, Anderson was present. A boy was hit in the head with a brick and Anderson saved him, bringing him to safety.

This isn’t exactly a new story, but it’s quite noteworthy. Anderson is such a great guy, and an amazing role model.



Yesterday I saw a tweet from the co-founder of the NOH8 campaign and I suggested Anderson take a NOH8 picture. Guess what? More than 30 people retweeted/favorited me and many more are going to help!

Please comment on @andersoncooper ‘s pictures and tweet him, telling him to take a #NOH8 picture! if he took one, others would join him!

This is something bigger than ourselves! Help out!



Child Abuse Is Everywhere

Hey everyone. As you know, children across the world are being abused everyday, but we can prevent that from happening. I watched a commercial today about a kid being abused, so I made a video to inform everyone that there are children that need our help and support. I hope my video is informational enough!
NOTE: I was not abused in this video by the way.